5 Ways to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

, which could help you sort out your complications.

5 Ways to Block Inappropriate Websites on Android

1. Enabling Safe Search

is within the browser itself. You may use Opera, Firefox, DuckGoGo, or Chrome, or any other; they usually have an option in their settings. From there, you can enable safe searching.

It makes sure that the next time you access the internet, no inappropriate search result or website link comes unintentionally. But if your child is smart enough to know this, or he accesses porn or adult sites intentionally, then it can do nothing for you. 

For instance, let us consider your child using Google Chrome to access the internet, which is the most common web browser.

Step 1: Open Google Chrome and then tap on the three dots in the upper right corner.

Step 2:.

Step 3:.

Step 4: Enable Enhanced protection or Safe Browsing.

2. Google Play Store Settings

Like Google Chrome, Google Play Store also provides you with options to restrict your child from accessing inappropriate apps and games. As mentioned above, these apps or games may cause increased aggressiveness in your kids. So if you want, your kid does not access any app or game that they should not use.

Other than Apps and Games, music, movies and books are also available on Google Play Store, which may have mature content. You can also restrict your kids from accessing these.

Step 1: Open Google Play Store and then tap on three horizontal lines in the upper left corner.

Step 2:.

Step 3:.

Step 4: Enable it and set up the PIN.

Step 5: Now, choose which category you want to restrict and till which age limit you allow them to access.

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3. Using OpenDNS

but also enhances the internet speed. Besides blocking pornographic sites, it also blocks sites that spread hate, show violent content and disturbing images. You don’t want your child to freak out or develop hate for a specific community. Right!

, and many more from which you can choose anyone you like.

Step 1: . Install it from the Google Play Store on your android device.

Download DNS Changer

Step 2: Run the app after it gets installed.

Step 3: After this, you will see an interface with multiple DNS options.

Step 4: Choose OpenDNS to use it.

, and your child cannot access adult sites. It is also an equivalent option to the app. The only difference is you have to do some extra hard work here.

Step 1: Open Wi-Fi.

Step 2: Open the advanced settings for your home Wi-Fi.

Step 3: Change DHCP to Static.

Step 4: In IP, DNS1 and DNS2 addresses, enter:


 DNS 1: 

 DNS 2:

VPN is. A VPN can easily bypass OpenDNS, and all your hard work will go in vain. Another drawback of this is it will only work for the specific Wi-Fi for which you used OpenDNS. If your child switches to cellular data or any other Wi-Fi, OpenDNS will not work.

4. Norton Family parental control

is Norton Family parental control. This app claims on Google Play Store that it is the best friend of parents, which will help to keep their kids safe online. It allows parents to overlook their child’s online activity and control it.

Not just limited to this, it can observe their messages, online activity, and search history. And whenever your child tries to break any rule, it will immediately inform you about it.

It also gives you a choice to block adult sites based on 40+ filters from which you can choose. The only thing which may concern you is that it is a premium service and you have to pay for it. The best thing is it gives you a free trial period of 30 days where you can check if this app looks worthy of your money or not.

Download Norton Family parental control

5. CleanBrowsing App

. This app also works on the model of DNS blocking like OpenDNS. It blocks unwanted traffic preventing access to adult sites. 

This app is currently not available on Google Play Store because of some reason. But you can get this app from its official website. The best part of this app is it’s easy to use and available for every platform.

Download CleanBrowsing App

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. And don’t act too protective that your child feels oppressed.