22 Best Speech To Text Applications For Android Phone

Instead of talking constantly, people now prefer texting instead. It is simply more convenient since people can keep doing different things while they text. They can also talk to multiple people at the same time. This is not possible while talking on the phone or through video calls. The higher convenience of texting is slowly making it the most popular form of communication over mobile devices.

But nothing is perfect. There is also a problem with constantly texting. Texting for a long period of time can be tiring for fingers. Moreover, writing long text messages can be downright frustrating and time-consuming. It’s not exactly a great option to revert to phone calls or video calls as they also have their fair share of problems.

Fortunately for Android phone users, there is a way to avoid the problem of frustrating texting. Instead of texting for long hours or writing long texts, you can say what message you want to send, and the phone would automatically convert your speech into text form. This means that you will not have to use your fingers at all.

22 Best Speech To Text Applications For Android

1. Google Keyboard

new technological developments , and it does the same with Google Keyboard’s speech-to-text feature. Google’s software can decipher very difficult accents. It can also understand complicated terms and correct grammar while converting speech to text. It is why it is among the best apps to convert speech to text.

Download Google Keyboard

2. ListNote Speech-To-Text Notes

List Note is among the best application on the Google Play Store for generally making notes on one’s phone. The speech-to-text interface on the application attempts to make this process easy by quickly recognizing and convert speech to text. It is one of the fastest applications in this regard. The grammatical range of List Note is vast, and it rarely has glitches when converting speech to text. The app also has some other great features, such as the ability to protect notes using passwords and to create different groups for notes.

Download ListNote Speech To Text Notes

3. SpeechNotes

This is a great application for writers. Writers usually need to write long pieces, and many writers’ thinking process is faster than their typing speed. SpeechNotes is the perfect speech-to-text application for making long notes. The application does not stop recording even if the person paused while speaking, and it also recognizes verbal commands to add the right punctuation in notes. It is a completely free application, although people can also pay to get a premium version, which essentially removes any ads. Overall, however, SpeechNotes is also one of the best speech-to-text apps for Android.

Download Speechnotes

4. Dragon Anywhere

Dropbox. Despite a high subscription fee of $15 per month, it is certainly worth it for people who wish to transcribe entire meetings or write very long pieces.

Download Dragon Anywhere

5. Voice Notes

119 languages , which means it’s highly applicable in many parts of the world. Moreover, the application is completely free. Users can get a premium version, but it does not offer anything special and is mostly to support the app developer. This is why it is one of the best speech-to-text applications for Android.

Download Voice Notes

6. Speech To Text Notepad

The Speech To Text Notepad application on the Google Play Store is an application that only allows the user to make notes using speech. This is where the application lacks certain features. They cannot use a keyboard to type in the notes they want to make. They can only do it using speech. But the application does this extremely well. Speech To Text Notepad easily recognizes whatever the user is saying and very accurately converts it to text. Thus, Speech To Text notepad is the perfect application for people who never want to type their notes.

Download Speech To Text NotePad

7. Speech To Text

TTS engine of the application. Thus, Speech To Text is another of the best speech-to-text applications for Android.

Download Speech To Text

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8. Voice To Text

There is only one great problem in the Voice To Text application. This problem is that the application only converts speech to text only for text messages and emails. Thus, users can not make any notes using this application. Otherwise, however, Voice To Text is a great application for users looking to use the speech-to-text feature on their Android phones. The application can easily recognize over 30 languages with complete ease and high accuracy. It is one of the applications with the highest level of accuracy among speech-to-text applications, and it also helps users maintain a good grammar level.

Download Voice To Text

9. Voice Typing App

Everything that a user needs to know about this application is in the name itself. The voice typing app. Like the Speech To Text Notepad, this is another application only supports typing through speech. There is no keyboard in this application. It supports many different types of languages, and it is a great application for transcribing. This is an especially great application for making notes during meetings, and it also allows users to send text messages directly from the app. This is why the Voice Typing app is also one of the best speech-to-text apps for Android phones.

Download Voice Typing App

10. Evernote

Evernote is generally one of the best note-taking applications in the world. Many users love this application for its wide variety of features and the ability to store notes directly to cloud storage services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive. Some users may not know that the application now also has great speech recognition software. All users need to click the dictation icon above the keyboard in the application, and they can start taking speech-to-text notes very easily. Moreover, once the user finishes taking notes on Evernote, the application will store the note in both text and audio file form. This means users can always refer to the original file if they doubt the accuracy of the text file.

Download Evernote

11. Lyra Virtual Assistant

Lyra Virtual Assistant is essentially like having Siri on your Android phones. It does a range of things such as setting reminders, creating alarms, opening applications, and translating text. The Lyra Virtual Assistant also has a rather simple yet effective speech-to-text conversion software that is very easy for users to handle. They can take notes, set reminders, and even send messages and emails by telling the virtual assistant what to type. Thus, users should look into Lyra Virtual assistant if they want a speech-to-text app for Android with other great features.

Download Lyra Virtual Assistant

12. Google Docs

GSuite . But, if someone is using the Google Docs application on their phone, they can definitely make great use of the speech-to-text feature of Docs. People usually write long pieces on Google Docs, and writing for so long on a small phone screen can be hazardous to health. Thus, they can use the very intelligent speech-to-text software of Google Docs, which can easily recognize and convert speech from 43 different languages into text accurately.

Download Google Docs

13. Voice Writer

A voice writer is not an application that comes from a very popular developer, but it is a great app. Users can easily use this app to make notes and send messages over many apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, and Instagram. Moreover, one of the amazing features of this application is that it can directly translate speech into a text form of another language. Users can go to the translate option of this app and then speak in a particular language. Voice Writer will convert and translate it into text in any other language that the user wants. Thus, a user could speak in Hindi but directly get the text in the English language. This is what makes Voice Writer one of the best speech-to-text apps for Android phones.

Download Voice Writer

14. TalkType Voice Keyboard

Baidu’s Deep Speed 2 , one of the keyboard software that is even better than Google’s platform. The keyboard comes with a very fast speech-to-text feature, which supports more than 20 languages and is compatible with different applications like Whatsapp, Google Docs, Evernote, and many others. Users can easily send messages and make notes using this app.

Download TalkType Voice Keyboard

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15. Dictadroid

Dictadroid is a very high-quality dictation and voice transcribing app that is very useful for professional and home settings. Users can make a textual note of their notes, messages, important reminders, and meeting using the speech-to-text feature of this application. Moreover, the developers added a new version in the app where Dictadroid can even create text from pre-existing recordings on the phone. Thus, users can easily pull up any important old recordings and have them in text form using this application.

Download Dictadroid

16. Hands-Free Notes

This application from the Heterioun Studio was one of the first good speech-to-text applications for the Google Play Store. The application has a very easy and light interface, which makes it very convenient for users. Users need to record their message or note and ask the app to “Recognize Text.” Within a few minutes, users will get the dictation in text form. Hands-Free Notes is one of the slower applications for converting speech to text, as many other apps do it in real-time. But the application makes up for this by ensuring that they convert speech into text with one of the highest accuracy levels among similar applications.

17. TalkBox Voice Messenger

While this speech-to-text application has some limitations, it is great for people who want to convert short messages to text. TalkBox Voice Messenger only allows users to convert maximum of one-minute recordings to text. Not only is this application great for making short notes and sending Whatsapp messages, but users can also post updates on Facebook and Twitter by simply speaking into the speech-to-text software of TalkBox Voice Messenger. This is why it is one of the best speech-to-text apps for Android mobile devices.

Download TalkBox Voice Messenger

18. Voice To Text – Text To Voice

As the name suggests, this application can quickly convert voice messages into text form. But it can also do the opposite and read out messages, notes, and other text to users quickly and fluently. The application has many different types of voices that users can ask it to read the text in. Moreover, it recognizes dozens of different languages quickly, which means that many users can easily use it. The interface of this app is simple, as users only need to press the microphone button to convert their speech into text.

Download Voice To Text – Text To Voice

19. Speech Texter

If a user experiences weak internet connectivity, often, Speech Texter is not the app for them. But if the internet speed is not a problem, few apps are better than Speech Texter at converting speech to text. The app allows users to send messages, make notes, and even write long reports using the app’s features. A custom dictionary in the application means that users can rarely make grammatical errors and even recognize punctuation commands with ease. With the ability to recognize over 60 languages, Speech Texter is easily one of the best speech-to-text apps for Android phones.

Download Speech Texter

20. Write SMS By Voice

As you can probably tell by the name, Write SMS by Voice is not an application supporting making notes or writing long reports. But since most users do not use their phones for such purposes, Write SMS By Voice is a great application for people who send many SMS’s and other text messages throughout the day. This is an app with one of the best interfaces for SMS texting by converting speech to text. It has great recognition for punctuation commands, difficult accents and even recognizes more than 70 different languages. Thus, Write SMS By Voice is a great option for the majority of Android phone users.

Download Write SMS By Voice

21. Voice Notebook

Voice Notebook is the best app to easily create an entire notebook about a subject on your Android device. The app can recognize and translate speech quickly while allowing users to add punctuation with ease, providing grammatical support, and even undo recent additions through voice commands easily. Users also do not have to worry about losing their notes as Voice Notebook allows them to upload the notes to cloud services like Dropbox easily. This is why Voice Notebook is another one of the best speech-to-text apps for Android.

Download Voice Notebook

22. Live Transcribe

API and optimizes the phone’s microphone to recognize the user’s speech accurately. It then converts the speech into real-time, giving the users instant results. There is also a noise indicator that tells users if their speech is clear enough for the application to recognize. The app uses its software to recognize what the user is saying and even enters punctuation on its own. There is support for over 70 different languages on Live Transcribe also. Thus, Live Transcribe is another great speech-to-text application.

Download Live Transcribe

23. Braina

Braina is unique over the other apps on this list because it can recognize even though the most complicated jargon. People working in industries where others use complicated scientific or medical terms can use this application. Unlike other apps, it will quickly recognize such terms and easily convert them from speech to text form. Moreover, the app recognizes 100 different languages from all over the world, and users can also voice commands to delete, undo, add punctuation, and change font. The only drawback is that users will need to pay $49 for one year to access the best features of Braina

Download Braina

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As you can see, various speech-to-text applications are all great in their own right. Some applications are perfect for taking notes. Some are great for making long reports, and others are great for social media and sending messages. Some like Braina and Live Transcribe, which are more niche and better for the corporate and professional environment. The common thing is that they are all highly efficient and accurate in converting speech to text. They all greatly increase the convenience for users. It is for Android users to determine what they need from a speech-to-text application. After they do so, they can then choose from any of the above best speech-to-text applications for Android.