• M O K E S
    We never

    We are a digital creative agency based in Abuja Nigeria, that approaches each project with the same curiosity we had when we were kids, just with a bit more experience, method and precision. Be curious, talk simple, play fair, share everything.

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  • Inspired

    Seriously, this is why we like our job so much. We have worked on new ways of communicating and new digital solutions since 2014, always trying to invent something different. We mix creativity, usability and millions of lines of code with the objective of delivering a unique experience. A bit more with every project.

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  • Together
    we make
    good stuff

    We are a team with synerdy.Everyone knows what to do. Like a family, we gather together and work with skill, care and method. And like every family, we discuss, laugh, argue, decide, and even hug sometimes. Because in the end, we like each other and work well together. And every time, we make it happen..

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MIS is an end-to-end ICT solutions provider base in abujawith partner around the world .

We analyze, we ask questions, we propose the most relevant solutions at every stage of the project. We know the code isn’t everything – it’s all about a great working solution. Mokes Infotech is a software development company with full-cycle web and mobile development.

Bring your ideas, we will build it for you. We focus on providing high quality reliable and affordable services to many SMEs globally.

Throughout our journey, we have adapted to the technological advancements that streamlined our products and services.

We always dig deep to find solutions that work for our clients which helps them to bring positive changes to their life and business.

We will help you with your creative projects

design and user–focused digital agency.

We specialise in solving problems to produce intelligent designs, deliver engaging experiences and build meaningful connections.

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